The Stacks

Public Address Announcer Tombstone
Digital Tombstones

Recently announcing a homecoming ballgame, the scoreboard went out or, more pointedly, never really got

Flaming Hot Microphone on fire
Hot Mic

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Public Address Announcer Fastpitch Softball
I Love Grapefruits

…with neatly arranged red sprinkles all over them… Over the years, I have found more

Public Address Announcer Luck Favors the Prepared
Luck Favors the Prepared

[su_audio url=”″ width=”100%” autoplay=”no” loop=”no”] Listen to Edna The unexpected always happens…period.  If I did

Public Address Announcer Mistakes Everyone Makes Them

Everyone Makes Them… I have never announced any event or game 100% perfectly.  Never.  Regardless, I