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Public Address Announcer Tombstone
Digital Tombstones

Recently announcing a homecoming ballgame, the scoreboard went out or, more pointedly, never really got

Flaming Hot Microphone on fire
Hot Mic

OMG! You must be kidding, right? Everyone in this business knows this, no? How could

Public Address Announcer Fastpitch Softball
I Love Grapefruits

…with neatly arranged red sprinkles all over them… Over the years, I have found more

Public Address Announcer Mistakes Everyone Makes Them

Everyone Makes Them… I have never announced any event or game 100% perfectly.  Never.  Regardless, I

Public Address Announcer Names
Names are Everything

Civilization’s primary identifiers…NAMES: France, Coca-Cola, Sony, Apple, Tom Cruise, Aztecs, Jupiter.  Our singular memories are pegged

Public Address Announcer Respell In A Nutshell
Respell in a Nutshell

Announcers, experienced with Quick Facts or other pronunciation guides, already know how challenging they can

Public Address Announcer Baseball Softball Scorebook
Scribble and Speak

Get your forms on, buddy!  Specifically, your announcer forms for scoring a game.  Really?  What’s

Public Address Announcer Silence Man
Sit There and Shut Up

PA Announcers, Broadcasters, Scorekeepers, and Spotters are the great observers of events and games.  We

Public Address Announcer Warming Up
Warming Up

…and I don’t mean heating up.  I’m, also, not making chicken noodle soup.  No, no. 

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