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We began predicated on the idea that announcers were not just great voices but great people. We started by providing visibility to talented P.A. Announcers of true announcing and voice over opportunities. Today, we have Announcers from all over the world review our Job Listings daily. We provide Tools and other means of aiding announcers in pursuit of their passion. The Announcer Directory lists some of the best announcers in the world, High School to Professional.

For the Organizations which hire P.A. announcers, we offer 30-Day Job Postings absolutely FREE. Why? We want great voices announcing in great organizations. We have created professionally designed Job Descriptions for various levels of the profession to add precision to the recruiting process. In turn, these very same descriptions help P.A. Announcers at various levels juxtapose their experience against a benchmark. On top of it, we offer free Pronunciation Guides to help administrators accurately work through difficult name respellings so, their announcers and broadcasters can perform at their highest level.

All this effort and good will have made this the most visited website globally for Public Address Announcing. It is ranked #1 on Google and Bing. We are proud of the work but far from done. We continue to advocate for the advancement of public address announcing through tools development, job postings, published articles and the constant publicizing of all the good announcers do behind the mic and in their community. This is our quest and, we love every minute of it!