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My name is Matthew C. Wallace and, I am the founder of and a public address announcer.  Some time ago while indefatigably searching for announcing gigs, I found myself uncovering really great chances all over the world.  Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t just uproot my family for a seasonal or part-time gig clear across country or ocean.  So thinking I might be able to help someone else out, I began posting all these jobs to social media.  

At first, it seemed like nobody cared.  Sure, I got the occasional like but, truly, I began wondering if I was just looking like one of these online social networking fools desperately grasping for attention.  Then out of the blue, I received a message from a gent in South Dakota thanking me for helping him to get hired.  I was flabbergasted.  I leaned back in the ol’ desk chair, put my arms behind my head, waxed a haughty smile on ‘me ugly mug and uttered, sotto voce, “Hmmmm…”

I brushed off my entrepreneurial cap (which, frankly, had quite a lot of dust on it) inspired by a desire to help other announcers.  I wanted a place announcers of all shapes, sizes, and varieties could go to get things they needed and, I wanted 99% of it to be FREE.  Who doesn’t like FREE?!  An announcer can search jobs, dig for places to contact, download templates, read informative articles and much more…all for FREE!!!  FREE is awesome!!!

I, also, wanted a way for organizations to hire announcers where their target audience would be looking.  Sure, they could easily use Indeed and have their ad land in the pile from nurses to engineers but, why not post where the exact eyeballs they want will see their gig in the list.  

I hope you find engaging, informative, entertaining, useful and fun.  Enjoy!

It's All About the Journey

My dream is for all my visitors to get something positive out of  Likewise, I value and appreciate any feedback or comments received.  Learning from your experience here and behind the mic makes my journey all the more intriguing and energizing.  Feel free to reach out for any reason.  I, truly, look forward to hearing from you.

Matthew C. Wallace

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