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Our Latest Jobs

Want To Join The #PAGameDay Choir and Sing...

Merry Christmas Holidays

We are aiming to compile as many Public Address Announcers as possible in video and audio singing “The 12 Days of Announcer Christmas” to published in time for the holiday season. If you wish to take part in this momentous affair, email Matt Wallace today!!! We will be aiming to get this going over the next 30 days.

The music and recording plan are in progress!

Want to have a bit of Voiceover Fun?

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Lend Your Voice to the Old Days!!!

The Gridiron Champions – The Starters is a video series chronicling the early championship days of the fledgling NFL. Announcers from around North America have lent their voices to talk a bit of history and announcer the starters of the early championships as if they had been at the stadiums and fields themselves. If you wish to take part in this momentous affair, email Matt Wallace today!!! We hope to be complete with this series by the end of 2021. The following championship years are available for some voiceover fun:

  • 1922 – AFPA renamed the NFL
  • 1927 – The New York Yankees play for a football title???
  • 1928 – Green Bay vs Providence in the days of Earl Lambeau
  • 1932 – The last of the “implied” championships. Chicago vs Portsmouth
  • 1933 – 1st Year of East Division vs West Division for a Championship
  • 1935 – Detroit becomes the City of Champions
  • 1937 – Say “Hello!” to Sammy Baugh

If interest is high, we will open up the history books for 1941-1950!

Public Address Announcer Baseball Softball Scorebook

Scribble and Speak

Get your forms on, buddy!  Specifically, your announcer forms for scoring a game.  Really?  What’s wrong with just scoring the game in a standard score

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Public Address Announcer Names

Names are Everything

Civilization’s primary identifiers…NAMES: France, Coca-Cola, Sony, Apple, Tom Cruise, Aztecs, Jupiter.  Our singular memories are pegged with these unique tags for all things we happen to

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