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Basketball Season!!!

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Lend Your Voice to the Old Days!!!

The Gridiron Champions – The Starters is a video series chronicling the early championship days of the fledgling NFL. Announcers from around North America have lent their voices to talk a bit of history and announcer the starters of the early championships as if they had been at the stadiums and fields themselves. If you wish to take part in this momentous affair, email Matt Wallace today!!! We hope to be complete with this series by the end of 2021. The following championship years are available for some voiceover fun:

  • 1920 – Jaime Coffee – 1st Woman to Announce an NBA Game
  • 1921 – Derek Mason – San Francisco Giants Spring Training
  • 1922 – Greg Addington – Coalfield High School
  • 1923 – Tom Winiecki – Syracuse University
  • 1924 – Michael Gross – UC San Diego
  • 1925 – Ron Trengove – Folsom Lake College
  • 1926 – Eric Handman – University of South Florida
  • 1927 – Tom Winiecki – Colgate University
  • 1928 – Bryan Ramona – Drexel University
  • 1929 – Scott Foster – Portland Fighting Shockwave
  • 1930 – Eric Scholl – Yale University
  • 1931 – Matt Nelson – Harlem Globetrotters
  • 1932The last of the “implied” championships. Chicago vs Portsmouth
  • 19331st Year of East Division vs West Division for a Championship
  • 1934 – Joshua Hunter – Unversity of Colorado
  • 1935Detroit becomes the City of Champions
  • 1936 – Peter Ponce – University of Texas, Arlington
  • 1937Say “Hello!” to Sammy Baugh
  • 1938 – Mark Clinton – UC Riverside
  • 1939 – Stephen Oldfather – St. Mary’s College
  • 1940 – Ryan Pond – Long Beach City College
Public Address Announcer Warming Up

Warming Up

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Public Address Announcer Baseball Softball Scorebook

Scribble and Speak

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