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Our Recommendations

Announcer's Tape

I’ve never know an announcer that does not use tape.  Most have tape as part of their kit.  For me, when I tape something down, I don’t want it coming up.  Now, I do NOT recommend good ol’ fashioned scotch tape…kinda messy….doesn’t stick well…not all that clear if it gets on text.  Might be good for XMAS presents but not for the Announcer.

I swear by Scotch Long-lasting packaging tape.  Sticks very well.  Easy to work with.  Very clear in case it gets on the text.  One roll lasts me a year.  I call it Announcer’s Tape because it is as reliable as a P.A.  At $10, it’s a must have!!!


Don’t leave home without it…


I have always been and will always be a fan of pens over pencils.  Leads break.  Erasers don’t do it for me.  I’d rather scratch out a mistake with a pen.  Also, the pen needs to be ballpoint and medium.  I write hard and don’t like super-sensitive ink pens.  Just me.

I love Foray.  Their ballpoint pens have a contour grip that’s comfy (esp. during non-stop tourneys) and the ink doesn’t leak.  Just a great pen I can count on and it’s affordable!  What a deal.

On top of this, I always…I mean always…keep a red pen, specifically, for Marketing and Admin.  When they make script changes, I require them to do it in RED.  Why?  This way I know they made the change and not me.  Most times, I’m announcing when they make the change.  When I see it, I know it was them!


I don’t use highlighters too often but, I always have one in either yellow or pink AND, it’s gonna be a Sharpie.  Sharpies just don’t dry-out.  If I’m gonna have a tool in the case, I gotta have confidence it will work when I grab it.  Sharpie gives me that.

Blank Paper

Notes are like rain from clouds.  My notes, admin’s notes, marketing’s notes.  I use a spiral notebook with perforated pages in case I need to neatly tear one out.  Clamp it to the ol’ clipboard and you’re ready to go! 

Have to have blank paper handy.  Just as a rule!

Handy Dandies!

I keep these little doodads in a zip-lock plastic baggie in the case so when I need them, they’re at my fingertips.  Everyday items not used everyday but get used on any given day.  A combination of the below will do the trick.  These are my recommendations with the even bigger recommendation that you put in your toolkit exactly what YOU need.  

Need 'em small

Like 'em thick

Prefer 'em little

Want 'em smooth


They’re useful, they are.  I keep officials signals guides for reference at games.  I don’t have them memorized for every sport so, like to tote them around.  The case only has so much room so, the binder has to be small.  1″ tops.

File Folders

These are “sometimes” items for me.  For loose papers needed on a one-off for some special activities.  I keep them on the shelf and grab when there is something special on tap.


You simply cannot be working efficiently or effectively without a pair on hand

This is one of those personal choice items.  I’m a Bushnell man.  Rugged.  Reliable. Compact. Portable. More than enough Range. …inexpensive…  I have 2 of these in the case (by accident) which serves well for sharing with a spotter or as a backup.  Items used all the time in varying environments (which press boxes are) get beat up.  Bushnell’s Powerview model, which is less expensive, gives me a tool that gets the job done without the worry of damage or loss.  It’s a personal choice but, I am pragmatic in my announcing life.

So choose your brand, a size you’re comfortable with, a magnification which won’t have you looking at pimples on faces and at a price point you can justify.  …but for heaven’s sake, have them…

Other Goodies to Consider...


Oh sure.  Consider these.  I would guess most of you have them all in some form or another.  On the Flashlight, you’ll be grateful one day.  On the rest, this is no surprise.  Wireless mics are a burden.  They have that little delay when switched on then, during an announcement, they crap out.  Have batteries folks!

On cables, I’m not gonna foolishly explain it to you, except to say have the power block too!!!


Energizer fan here...


Trust only the manus on cables

The Mic

I couldn’t imagine not having a spare microphone…wired only!  For me, it will never be anything but the trusty Shure SM58…switched!!!  Quality, Reliabilty, Longevity are all great.  This is a minimum investment for your announcing life…minimum.

Mic Stand

I like my hands free.  I use this stand religiously.  Small, portable and quick to assemble on site.  Much like the tape, the mic stays in one place which is really helpful as every press box is a busy place.  Plus, I just don’t like picking a mic constantly or holding it in my hand for 2 hours.


This particular holder stretches to hold the wireless mics yet, holds my SM58 nicely.  Just another key piece of the gear for me.

XLR Cable

Anyone with College or High School experience will acknowledge that this is not an unusual recommendation.  25′ makes it practical.  I like to be prepared.  I like to plan ahead.  The XLR falls into these zones for me.

Little Things Make A Difference

Old singer's trick to grease a dry throat
Need to be Sugar Free...sugar sticks...
Painful to speak with cracked lips
Only valuable for a true sore throat
Needs no explanation

Safety Ideas!!!

Protect that Precious Face
Cover those Hands
Sanitize those Hands
Cover those Mystery Mics
Cover Your Face in Style (Under Review)

Have an idea or recommendation?