How To Make Roster Sheets – Easy!

By Matthew C Wallace

From Blanks to Names…

There is nothing an announcer needs more than a clean, easy-to-read Roster Sheet for a contest of any kind. Most announcers only announce college or high school and good roster sheets are hard to come by. Truth is…quick facts and screen prints are NOT easy to read or work from. They are are NOT! But how can you get the sheets from our site filled in with little or no effort? It seesm like a lot of work. It’s not!

WARNING: Not all websites or Quick Facts are the same. You will have to adjust the formula to meet the needs at hand. If you are having difficult, just contact us.

We built a simple video tutorial, for which, we promise will get you the rosters you need, neat, clean…and fast!

Video Tutorial

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Matthew C. Wallace is the owner of He is a public address announcer, writer, webmaster, historian, author as well as a former executive and musician. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children.

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