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Public Address Announcer Officials Signals

Lost In Translation

Ever feel like you need a Masters in American Sign Language (ASL) in order to interpret the officials’ hand signals?  I do…all the time.   Invariably,

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Public Address Announcer Tombstone

Digital Tombstones

Recently announcing a homecoming ballgame, the scoreboard went out or, more pointedly, never really got going.  No score, no time, no down, no to go,

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Public Address Announcer Respell In A Nutshell

Respell in a Nutshell

Announcers, experienced with Quick Facts or other pronunciation guides, already know how challenging they can be.  Take a peek at the sample on the right. 

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Public Address Announcer Fastpitch Softball

I Love Grapefruits

…with neatly arranged red sprinkles all over them… Over the years, I have found more fun announcing Girl’s/Women’s Fast-Pitch Softball than, I think, any other

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