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Public Address Announcer Mistakes Everyone Makes Them


Everyone Makes Them… I have never announced any event or game 100% perfectly.  Never.  Regardless, I expect 100% perfection.  Always.  If expect anything else, I will get

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Public Address Announcer Rowing

Unskilled Labor? No Way!

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to…” “Now Batting for Shortstop, Number 9, Jamie Erickson, …Junior, Number 13, Patricia Jones.” “Peters on the carry for

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Flaming Hot Microphone on fire

Hot Mic

OMG! You must be kidding, right? Everyone in this business knows this, no? How could this happen? Not paying attention? Lost focus for a tick?

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Public Address Announcer Tombstone

Digital Tombstones

Recently announcing a homecoming ballgame, the scoreboard went out or, more pointedly, never really got going.  No score, no time, no down, no to go,

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