“The Lineups” is a video/audio series which gives people a chance to “virtually” hear the starting lineups of every World Series Game 1 from 1884 up into the fifties. This video gives the listener the unique opportunity to step back in time to hear what names such as Walter Johnson or Ty Cobb might have sounded in the stadium back in the day while providing unemployed Public Address Announcers the opportunity to announce classic baseball teams during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Each video is dedicated to a different state, territory, country and organization’s front line health care workers and first responders. We hope these might put a smile on a few faces in such difficult times. We thank them for putting their lives on the line for all of the rest of us.

This series was developed as an opportunity for announcers to use their voices during the pandemic when so many lost all their announcing work. All recordings were made in announcers’ homes. Mixing and video production was done by Matthew C. Wallace.

No 1891 World Series

No 1892 World Series

No 1893 World Series

No 1894 World Series

No 1895 World Series

No 1896 World Series

No 1897 World Series

No 1898 World Series

No 1899 World Series

No 1901 World Series

No 1902 World Series

No 1904 World Series