Event Staff incl Public Address Announcer ( Club Sports )

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NCAA Division I

Job Description Summary

Working independently, exercising good judgment and discretion in executing various roles for Liberty University Club Sport athletic events. They will be called to perform specific roles during Club Sport events that require extreme focus and attention. They are able to understand and adhere to the Club Sports policies and procedures while attending department meetings and training sessions as needed.

Essential Functions And Responsibilities

Assisting at Club Sports Events with one of the following roles:

1. Public Address Announcer – announce starting lineups, goals, penalties, and other information for the crowd to clearly hear.

2. Event Music Operator – Operate music devices for playback during events based on stoppages and planned scripted events.

3. Score Clock Operator – Run the score clock for events such as hockey, lacrosse and volleyball.

4. Scoresheet Manager – Oversee the scoresheet during sporting to ensure that items are legibly written and clearly conveyed.

5. Video Board Operator – Follow a script and control videos, slides and other media going on to the video board for fan experience.

6. Event Host – Perform on camera to host mini games and provide entertainment for fans.

7. IMAG Camera Operator – Operate handheld camera for event host to display in the video board for fans.

Qualifications, Credentials, And Competencies

High School Diploma required. Experience helping with game day experiences a benefit. Ability to learn quickly on the job and adjust to varying rolls when needed for game day functions. Experience using sound systems and technology a benefit.



To apply for this job please visit careers.liberty.edu.